Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I can't explain the feeling I have inside me right now. I just came back from my "hour loop." Setting out for the ride, I knew I had a best time of about 54:30 on the loop and wanted to better my time. I did not realize I would completely blow it away. Today is one of the hottest/muggiest days of the summer that I've ridden the loop in. Significantly hotter than the day I rode my best time on the loop. I don't know why, or how, but I felt fantastic throughout the whole ride and finished in almost 53 minutes flat, averaging 17.8mph on a hilly course. Easily my best ride all summer. Hopefully this is only the beginning of big improvements.

I was asked twice today why I ride my bike so much. I told both people that it's fun for me, but I didn't quite have a GOOD answer. You can have fun doing lots of things, cooking, playing video games, watching TV, and (I'm not sure how this can be) shopping. I've been thinking about it. What's fun about cycling? Here's my answer. I like to go fast. I like the freedom I have while I'm on my bike. There is solace in riding alone, going through farmland that you didn't know existed in your neighborhood, finding new ways around town, exploring. Cycling has also brought me closer to some of the most significant people in my life. The love of my life (my fiance). My brother. My best friend from high school. All three of those people will play significant roles in my wedding... some for more obvious reasons than others. This sport has changed my life. One of the most interesting things that I still can't figure out is... I hate endurance sports. I'm fat. How can I enjoy the suffering I endure while riding? Who cares? It's fun.

Ride Stats:
Time: 53 minutes, 3secs
Distance: 15.79 miles
Avg Speed: 17.8mph
Max Speed: 35.6mph

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