Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Continued success

Since starting my weight loss on Monday, I've lost 4.5lbs. I was 248 this morning. That's what I weighed on May 25th, but that's the lowest I've been since then. Terrible. I am well on my way for calorie consumption today, and I got a short bike ride in. On Monday I did an hour long ride... 1:01. Today I decided to motivate myself and take the same exact route, but do it faster. I accomplished that goal, and am extremely proud of myself.

Here's a recap of the ride. I made it through the first 5 miles at 19.1mph average. I was MOVING. I went down a few hills after that while catching my breath. I was using Clif Shot Bloks for fuel, they seemed to work. I took 2 every 15 minutes or so throughout the ride. I had to climb a hill that is a shallow incline, but is also extremely long (by my standards). I was climbing at about 10mph, then I finished the hill and hopped onto the highway. When I pulled out, I saw another cyclist about 30 yards behind me. I made it a point to try to drop him, and drop him I did. By the time I turned off, he was totally off my radar.

Ride Stats compared to my first ride on this route...
First time (I made a wrong turn at one point)
Time: 1 hour, 01 minutes, 23secs
Distance: 16.19 miles
Avg Speed: 15.8mph
Max Speed: 32.9mph

Second time
Time: 56 minutes, 14secs
Distance: 15.83 miles
Avg Speed: 16.9mph
Max Speed: 35.5mph

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