Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Improvements Continue

After losing 6 pounds in week 1, I've been focusing on improving my cycling as well. Today, I did my hour loop for the fourth time, and have improved my time yet again. I set out today thinking that I was going to have a lot of trouble. Half way through I felt as if I might even bonk. Fortunately, I had just taken a gel and started feeling much better at the end of my big climb. I got myself up to speed on the highway and when I got off, I checked the clock, and saw that I had 8 minutes to get home before my best time. Boy did that motivate me. I went significantly faster on all of the roads that I normally rest on and went real hard until the end. I even got a new personal best average on the hills. Check below to compare, but here are my stats for today:

Time: 54 minutes, 33secs
Distance: 15.81 miles
Avg Speed: 17.4mph
Max Speed: 35.2mph

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