Monday, July 13, 2009


My brother told me about a route he's taken around his neck of the woods where he got himself over 42 miles an hour down this one big hill. This is extremely fast for him. He told me we should do it some time together to see how fast I can get. With my heavier weight, I can typically bomb down hills way faster than he can. Today, while at work, I couldn't stop thinking about the hill. I wanted to find it, and ride it. Fast.

I got home and changed, grabbed my bike and a pack of shot blocks, water bottles, tube, and my "bike bag." My bike bag is a Ziploc bag with my tire levers, tube patches, chapstick, and I normally throw my drivers license in there. Anyway, I was off. I took a huge downhill on the way there, realizing I was going to suffer on the way home trying to climb that hill. Oh well, I wanted the speed. So I made my way over to this hill my brother told me about. OH GOOD LORD is it steep. I didn't realize it was coming, because there is a slight uphill before it, then over the top and down you go. Had I known it was coming, I would have charged over the little hump before it and tried for a faster speed, but as it was, I was a little bit scared. Once I realized I was on the hill, I went to the biggest gear I have, and pushed. I spun out completely. My pedaling couldn't do anything for me, I just had to hold on and enjoy the ride. When I got to the bottom, I checked my speed, and it was 49.1mph. WHOA! Coming home, I didn't suffer up the big hill as much as I'd thought I would. Must say something for my overall fitness level. I'd ridden that hill once before, but this time was much easier, and I wasn't being pulled at all.

So, after all of that, I'm pretty proud of my ride. There were quite a few uphill moments, and my average speed reflects that a little bit. I didn't push as hard as I could have, but I pushed hard enough. Here are the stats:

Time: 1 hour, 16 minutes, 25secs
Distance: 19.58 miles
Avg Speed: 15.3mph
Max Speed: 49.1mph

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  1. That is awesome! I can just imagine holding on for dear life flying down that hill!!!