Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Turns out, my meeting got out at around 5:30, I made it up to the bike path and got about half an hour in. I rode down around the river and started feeling something hitting me and then heard some *tink* sounds as things hit my helmet and my jacket. I thought at first, is it raining? No... is something falling from the trees? No... there are swarms of gnats! GROSS. I rode a mile and a half through these swarms of gnats. It was gross... then I had to turn around and ride through them again.

On the way back, I stopped at a sign to see where the path I was on went because there were some ways I'd never gone before. As I was standing there, two guys passed me. I figured, I'm running out of light, I should probably head back to my car. I turned and started riding. I figured, lets make a game of this... I'm gonna catch those guys before I have to turn off. Once I got around a turn, I started pushing and got my cadence up to 90rpm and going about 18mph. I wasn't making up much distance on the two guys. I turned it up a bit and started going about 20mph, and started gaining slowly. By the time my turn off came, I was right behind them... I even had about 30 yards to slow down before I turned off. Decent ride.

Here are the stats:
Time: 32:29
Distance: 7.87 miles
Avg Speed: 14.5
Max Speed: 22.2

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