Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bike Fit

I went to Performance today to get fitted on my bike again. This experience was so much different than the first time I had it done. The fitting probably took between 20 and 30 minutes once we got started. When he was asking me to pedal, he was looking at different things and was continually explaining to me what he was looking at and why. He checked my knee angle, foot position, asked where I was feeling pressure on my seat. I actually felt like he gave a crap. He ended up raising my seat up about 2 inches and explained that he was trying to open the gap between my arms and my legs to enable me to breath more and stuff.

I also asked him to check out my pedals/shoes because they were squeaking. He looked at them after making me pedal a little more and then told me I wasn't pedaling in a full rotation. He said to pedal up ONLY. When I did that, both of my feet popped out of the pedals! When that happened, he asked me if that had ever happened before. I said no, and his response was, "then you've never pedaled up before huh?" I thought I had. Oh well, I know what it feels like now. He tightened the pedals and that alone made a world of difference. I'm really looking forward to getting out this weekend and riding. I almost don't care if it rains.

OH! The best part of getting fitted today? The guy gave my bike a quick tune up and DID NOT CHARGE ME A DIME FOR ANYTHING! I felt like I owed him something for the work and the education I got today, so I gave him 5 bucks and told him to get a beer, on me. He thanked me, we shot the shit for a little while, and then I rode home. It was so smooth and comfortable. I wish I hadn't had to come home!

If you're ever in need of some mechanical help on your bike, go to my local Performance and ask for Scott. He rocks.


  1. dude 20 minute bike fit?? That is a sizing, not a fitting. You need Retul. Find a fitter with one and you will never regret it

  2. Not much had changed since my initial fit. He didn't need to do much