Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So for all my loyal fans... which I'm pretty sure consists of my fiance, my dad, and maybe a handful of other people... I'm updating. FINALLY.

I haven't updated for a few reasons. Originally, it was because I went on vacation. When I came home, I started apartment hunting. I was really exciting, packing, and planning, and then became depressed when I realized that I couldn't afford the apartment I wanted... you know, because of the whole grad school thing. Anyway, I am moving in with my brother this weekend which is going to open up a whole new world of cycling for me. I'll get to find routes to all sorts of different places. We got to explore last weekend and got totally lost. We ended up turning a 15 mile ride into a 30 mile ride that took us about two hours to complete.

I haven't updated my weight in a while, but it hasn't changed much to be honest. I started eating poorly and drinking too much again. SHOCKER. But since school started up, work started up, and my internship started up, I've stopped with the hard-core boozing. I think that when I live with my brother, I'll probably drink less too. This is a good thing.

So, my mileage is up at 1477.8, which means I've got ABOUT another 500 miles to go... so outside of the century, I'll need to complete about 400 miles in training. I'm not overly confident that I'll make my weight goal, but never say never.

I'll try to update more.

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