Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Great achievement, Great disappointment

Today started out like any other... I went to work, I came home, and I did homework. I decided to get out for a ride before dinner and figured, why not try my good 'ol TT route. Remember, I just put a new chain on my bike... having never done this before. I had no idea if I had it right or not, so I was a little worried I'd get stranded again.

Anyway, went out, felt good, didn't quite meet my average speed for the first section, so I figured I'd try to make up for it on the climb and the highway sections. When I got to the end of the highway section, I was right on time. I knew I had to pick up the pace a little to beat my last time. When I was about 6 minutes from home, I was about 6 minutes from my best time. OH NO! SPEED UP! I ended up stopped at a stop light for a few minutes while an ambulance went by with 3 minutes to get home before my time ran out. I wasn't too far away, but there are some pretty tight turns on the way home, so I knew I'd have to push it. Hard. When all was said and done, I beat my best TT time by about 3 seconds, but still only managed a 17.9mph average! DISAPPOINTING! I wanted 18mph in the worst way.... next time. That's my goal before the end of summer.

Time: 52 minutes, 44secs
Distance: 15.80 miles
Avg Speed: 17.9mph
Max Speed: 33.8mph

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