Monday, August 3, 2009

Bad start, good finish

Today I took off work because my fiance didn't have class. The plan was to do a 30 mile ride in the early afternoon and then study/do homework. About 3 blocks into the ride, one of the spokes on my rear wheel broke. CRAP!

I took my bike over to Performance and they told me they could fix it for about $15, but they couldn't do it until Wednesday. I figured, that sucks, because I can't ride today or tomorrow, but if I can get it on Wednesday, at least I'll have my bike for vacation to the beach. WRONG! They handed me the slip and it said 8/12/09. NEXT WEDNESDAY. That wasn't going to work for me... but I didn't have any option at the time. I got home, complained to the fiance, and she told me to call other shops to see what I could find out. I called the shop up near my brother's place, they told me to bring it in and they would do it while I wait. So much for waiting a week and a half. I went back to performance, picked up my bike, drove over to Phoenix Cycles and waited while the guy fixed my spoke and did a little tune up... for $10!

I got home, had lunch, and we went for our ride. We did about 22 miles because of the delay and it was so much fun! it was kind of like a date... we stopped and took pictures every so often, looked around at all the farms and really took in the beautiful weather. I really enjoy doing one of my favorite activities with my favorite person in the world... it makes it that much more special for me.

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