Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

Today I wanted to fit in a decent ride before the Eagles game was on at 1. I went with my brother and my buddy who are doing the City to Shore with us in TWO WEEKS! I wanted to redo the ride I missed because of the broken spoke yesterday. We went out with a mission. I felt GREAT. My bike finally felt right, and I was excited to ride. We got to the hill that my spoke broke on last time, and I had a little apprehension about going up it for some reason. I made it to the top, then got to go down the hills... my reward. We ended up crossing over a street we'd already done, so I suggested we do it again, because it was a decent up hill ride and I knew there was another way to go down.

BOY WAS THERE! We shot down like bats outta hell. It was fantastic. I love going fast. But I had to climb that same hill again, where my spoke broke. I considered it exposure therapy. I'm not afraid anymore. haha. We found an arrow for the Iron Tour we did a few months ago, and started following them. We found about 7 arrows in the same intersection. I just picked a direction and the others followed. We climbed a MASSIVE hill only to go down the other side on a steep hill that ended in a 90 degree turn, so there was no speed... our breaks almost didn't hold it was so steep.

Once we got down the hill, we ended up right where we got lost, at the 7 arrow intersection. We took the only direction that we didn't know, and found ourselves on a very familiar road... about 2 miles from home, so we ended our ride at 20 miles. Good ride, lots of climbing, low average speed.

Time: 1 hour, 23 minutes, 1sec
Distance: 10.12 miles
Av Speed: 14.5
Max Speed: 40.4

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