Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A New First

After nearly 600 miles of cycling, today was the first day I was caught out in the rain... and it happened at the worst possible time. I was planning on doing a 20 something mile ride on mostly flat roads, with the occasional roller. At about mile 7, I pulled over to put my sunglasses in my pocket because it was getting dark (at 2:30) and assess the weather situation. I checked a nearby flag and saw no wind. Figuring I'd have some time to finish the ride, I started off again. I got about a mil down the road when I felt the first raindrop hit my nose. Shit.

I turned it around right after going through the busiest intersection of my whole ride. Luckily the light was still green so I just pushed on through. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a little rain to get you motivated to go fast. I was hustling back home, hoping the rain wouldn't pick up too much. It didn't get too bad, but the roads were a little slick when I got home. The ride was fun because I had a lot of motivation to get home, but I still had some close calls. I was nearly hit three times, cut off 5 times, almost run off the road once, and some bitch pulled out in front of me while staring me down! At least I'm home safe and I got another 16 miles under my belt and broke the 600 mile mark for the season.

Ride Stats:
Time: 59mins 03secs
Distance: 16.42 miles
Average Speed: 16.7mph
Max Speed: 36.6mph

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