Sunday, June 14, 2009

Iron Tour

Today was the French Creek Iron Tour. I went with my brother, friend, and fiance. We did the 50 mile loop. It was a lot of fun, but much more difficult than I had anticipated.

Last night we all stayed at my brother's place because he lives about a half mile from the start point. We woke up at 7am and rode over at around 7:45 to start. I volunteered to ride the free t-shirts back to the house before we started. We started out great, the ride was fun, but the roads were wet. There were A LOT of hills. Somebody at the end said they counted 22. ugh. I must have burned a lot of calories, though.

When we got our cue sheets in our e-mails, I laughed when I saw they had a rest stop every 10 miles. Apparently they knew what they were doing. Unfortunately, however, the rest stops SUCKED. There were lines for everything. Right as we left one of the water stops, they announced that they were out of water. ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS POUR WATER!

Overall a good day, a good ride. We're gonna go get beer now. I know, I know, counterproductive...but we earned it.

Ride stats are on the right.


  1. :-) I have to admitt I was shocked by the lack of bicycle support at the rest stops too.... for example: a bicycle pump. Still, despite the rest stops, the scenery was beautiful and the weather didn't suck... certainly a better way of spending the day than sitting on the couch.
    BTW, is there any chance you have a copy of the cue sheet? I left mine there and I'd really like to map-out the course in google earth.

  2. Hey Jerimas, I haven't been looking at comments. I didn't realize I had any kind of following. Here is the link for the cue sheets from the Iron Tour.