Monday, February 9, 2009

They don't call it a battle for nothing

This week went so well... until the weekend. I drank far more than I should have and ate far more than I should have and worked out far less than I should have. Lethal combination. There are excuses, but who wants to hear those? They're not worth my time to write them down, and certainly not your time to read them... so here's some motivation:

When I got back from my fiance's on Sunday night, I was energized (probably from all the food I'd eaten), so I decided to get on the trainer and go. I pulled Biggest Loser up on the internet and set my laptop up in front of my bike so I could watch. I hooked up my speakers from my desktop so I could hear it better instead of straining like I normally do to understand anything that's being said from these tiny laptop speakers. My trainer is loud. Anyway. I watched the entire episode 4. All 84 minutes of it. From my saddle. I got off the bike at around 11pm, then I had to shower and get into bed so I could get up this morning. But here's the motivating part. The Biggest Loser has a way of motivating me normally, but once particular part of this episode really got to me. There's a guy who was allowed to leave the ranch and go visit his wife and kids so he could witness the birth of his fourth child. He had to leave his family and come back to the ranch, but before he could, he had to explain to his kids why he was leaving. Obviously, the guy was losing weight so he could be a better husband and father. Although I am not yet married and do not have kids, I need to solve this weight problem before it gets out of control. I want to be here for my soon-to-be wife. I want to be here for my future kids. I want to be able to play with them, be active, and teach them everything I know.

...I want to teach my kids how to ride a bike so they don't ever look like I do right now.

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